Your 2019 Can Geo Challenge Winners... 

Team Canada (Top 4 Level 3 students who will represent Canada at the 2019 iGeo in Hong Kong)

Ben Woodward, London, Ontario

Jerry Sun, Burnaby, British Columbia

Andrew Ding, Mississauga, Ontario

Jake Douglas, Peterborough, Ontario


Can Geo National Finalists 

David Landry, Ontario

Joshua Mah, British Columbia

Awad Khalid, Alberta

Nicholas Hume, New Brunswick

Ryder Bishop, Manitoba

Jonathan Chassé, Quebec

Matthew Wadden, Nova Scotia

Ryan Sharpe, Ontario

Tawfeeq Mannan, Alberta

Timothy Tao, Ontario

Justin Qian, Alberta

Akib Shamsuddin, Ontario

William Szeto, Ontario

Keith Christofferson, British Columbia

Xavier Spano, Ontario

Ryan Wu, Ontario

Matthew Woodward, Ontario

Arathi Vallipuranathan, Ontario

Micah Colman, Ontario

Peter Vashchilko, Alberta


The Can Geo Challenge is an excellent way to get your students excited about geography. This year thousands of students in grades 4-10 will compete to be the best, test their geographic knowledge and skills, and better understand the world that they live in.

New this year: Level 3 of the Challenge for 16 to 19 year olds. The top 4 will be named to Team Canada and compete at the International Geography Olympiad in Hong Kong in summer 2019

Congratulations to our 2018 National Finalists!

Why participate in the Challenge?

Why should you participate this year? Listen to Alex Trebek and others describe the importance of the competition below.