Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

Level 3: Team Canada

The following students will be representing our nation in the International GeoOlympiad this August.

  •  Nikita Serikov
  • Akib Shamsuddin
  • Ryan Sharpe 
  • Matthew Woodward  

Level 2: National Final Champion

Thank you for a successful Year! 

The Can Geo Challenge has officially concluded for the year. We would like to thank everyone for their support in the program this year and for your dedication to help strengthen geogrpahic literacy in Canada.

Remembering Alex Trebek and his support for the Canadian Geographic Challenge

Alex Trebek is best known for hosting Jeopardy!, but it is his work in championing geographic knowledge and education that resonates so strongly with Canadians and will have a lasting legacy for many years to come.

Trebek served as the Honorary President of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society since May 2016, but even before that he had been a key supporter of the Society. Trebek hosted several of the annual Canadian Geographic Challenge National Finals, and, over the years, he also provided financial support through the Trebek Family Foundation to ensure that the National Final could continue to be held before a live audience.

Even during his battle with cancer, Trebek was generous with his time. He attended the 25th Anniversary of the Canadian Geographic Challenge at 50 Sussex, home of geography education in Canada and the RCGS headquarters, where he spoke with past Challenge Champions, some of whom he had watched compete at international events. 

“We live in a period now of crisis for our planet, and it strikes me that geography is even more important now than it has ever been,” Trebek noted during his remarks at the kickoff celebration of the 25th Challenge.

In recognition of his lifetime dedication to geographic education, the RCGS renamed its Geographic Literacy Award the Alex Trebek Medal for Geographic Literacy and made Trebek the first recipient of the newly renamed honour. 

Read more about Trebek's life and his involvement with The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.


(Photo credits: Colin Rowe, Ben Powless, Can Geo Challenge Archives)

Why participate in the Challenge?

Why should you participate this year? Listen to the late Alex Trebek and others describe the importance of the competition: