A message from our Chair

Welcome to the 21st year of this innovative, national geography challenge. This challenge affords students the opportunity to engage in geography and further their understanding of their surroundings, both locally and internationally. To the students, teachers and schools registering for the first time this year as well as those who are returning, thank you for participating for this exciting learning competition. I look forward to watching your progress over the coming months. Please ensure you use all aspects of our website as it contains useful information and resources for all participants.

Beth Dye
Chair, Canadian Geographic Challenge Committee

A message from our National Champion

You're here because you're interested in geography, and the Canadian Geographic Challenge is a geography competition like no other. As you prepare and progress in the challenge, you will explore the world and foster a passion and understanding for geography. You will also garner a greater appreciation for Canada and the world. I hope that you find the challenge as amazing and as rewarding an experience as I have. Good luck and have fun!

Anzo Nguyen
2015 Canadian Geographic Challenge National Champion

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2015 Challenge

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