Level 3

Level 3

Level 3 is open to all students who are between 16 to 19 years old (before June 30, 2024), who reside in Canada, and are not currently in post-secondary education. Students must have a supervisor for their testing (either a teacher or guardian) who will create an account for the student to complete the tests. The competition is divided into three tests: Multimedia Test, Written Test and Fieldwork Test.

All students who are signed up are eligible to write the first test, the Multimedia Test. The top 20 students who score the highest on the Multimedia Test will then be contacted by Can Geo Challenge administration to move onto the next test, the Written Test. The top 10 students who score the highest on the Written Test will then be contacted by Can Geo Challenge administration to continue to compete in the Fieldwork Test.

Once all 10 students have completed and submitted their Fieldwork Test, official Can Geo Challenge test markers will review each Fieldwork Test, as well as the scores of the previous tests. Six students will then be selected and contacted for an interview to become part of Team Canada. These students will be interviewed by the Team Canada leaders who will be accompanying the team to the International Geography Olympiad and preparing students for the international competition. The goal of the interview is to determine each student's commitment level and how they would fit into the team dynamic. Four students will be selected to join Team Canada.

Students must note that the Can Geo Challenge Level 3 competition is only available in English. This is because the International Geography Olympiad is only administered in English. Therefore, students selected for Team Canada must be proficient and comfortable testing in English.

Scores will not be shared with students at any of the testing rounds. There are no exceptions. 

Testing information

The testing rounds for Level 3 have been designed to match the testing rounds at the International Geography Olympiad. There are three tests in this competition.

  • Multimedia Test: This test is a multiple-choice test comprising 50 questions that cover a diverse set of subjects, such as landforms, climate, resource development and more. Any student who is signed up can compete in this testing round. This test must be written online through the Can Geo Challenge website.
  • Written Test: The 20 students who score the highest in the Multimedia Test will be contacted to complete the Written Test. This test is only available to the top 20 students and is composed of questions that cover two specific geographic subjects. Students will be given short- and long-answer questions and will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete this test. There will be no multiple choice or true/false questions in this round. More information on this test will be shared with the competing students. 
  • Fieldwork Test: The 10 students with the highest score in the Written Test will then be contacted to participate in the Fieldwork Test. This test will encourage students to get outside and make geographic connections to certain subjects in their community or neighborhood. More information on this test will be shared with the competing students. 

Key dates

December 2023 Multimedia Test will be made available.
January 12, 2024 Deadline for participants to complete the Multimedia Test.
January 19, 2024 Top 20 students with highest scores from the Multimedia Test will be contacted to move on to the Written Test round.
January 22, 2024 Written Test will be made available to the top 20 students from the Multimedia Test.
February 16, 2024 Deadline for the top 20 students to complete the Written Test.
February 23, 2024 Top 10 students with the highest scores from the Written Test will be contacted.
March 1, 2024 Fieldwork Test will be made available to the top 10 students.
March 29, 2024 Deadline for top 10 students to complete the Fieldwork Test.
April 2024 The top six students will be contacted for interviews. Team Canada’s leaders will conduct interviews of the top six students and four students will be chosen to represent Team Canada.
August 2024 Team Canada will travel to Dublin, Ireland, for the International Geography Olympiad.

International Geography Olympiad

The International Geography Olympiad (iGeo) is a competition organized by the International Geographical Union to bring together the best 16 to 19-year-old geography students from all over the world. The competition is meant to:

  • stimulate active interest in geographical and environmental studies among young people;
  • contribute positively to debate about the importance of geography as a senior secondary school subject by drawing attention to the quality of geographical knowledge, skills and interests among young people;
  • facilitate social contacts between young people from different countries and, in doing so, contribute to the understanding between nations. 

Read about the experiences of Team Canada at the 2023 International Geography Olympiad in Bandung, Indonesia.