Congratulations to our finalists for Level 2 this year!  

Congratulations to our 20 Level 2 National Finalists. Our Level 2 National Final will be streamed on Can Geo Education's YouTube on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at noon (EDT). Tune in and cheer on our finalists as they compete to be the top geography student in Canada! See full list of winners here

Congratulations Team Canada (Level 3 student winners)! 

  • Akib Shamsuddin - Windsor, Ontario

  • Matthew Woodward - London, Ontario

  • Matthew Stasiw - Toronto, Ontario

  • Jenny Jia - Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Paul VanZant (Coach) - Ontario

  • Janet Ruest (Coach) - British Columbia

We look forward to cheering you on this summer at the International Geography Olympiad. Tune in for updates coming in June! 

Why the Can Geo Challenge is important

This school year marks the 27th year of the Canadian Geographic Challenge. With each passing year, Canadian Geographic Education continues to be amazed by the talent, dedication and knowledge of Canadian students, who go above and beyond to push the limits of their abilities with the Challenge. 

The Can Geo Challenge is an excellent way to get your students excited about geography. This year, thousands of students will compete to test their geographic knowledge and skills to better understand the world that they live in. 

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Why participate in the Challenge?

Why should you participate this year? Listen to the late Alex Trebek and others describe the importance of the competition: