Provincial/Territorial Challenge

All Level 2 (grades 7-10) School Champions are eligible to participate in their respective Provincial/Territorial Challenge. This level of competition may be completed online any time during March 5-30, 2020.


If you have not yet identified your school winner, please make sure you do so before March 2, 2020. The Provincial/Territorial Challenge will be available online between March 5 and 30th. Your student can complete the Challenge at any point through this time period.

There are 50 questions in the Provincial/Territorial Challenge.

Between March 5-30, 2020, you will be able to access the Provincial/Territorial Challenge by following these steps:

1. Log in using your existing account.

2. On the Quiz Launcher page, you will see your list of students.  Find the one competing in the Provincial/Territorial Challenge, and click "View/Launch Quiz" beside their name.

3. Scroll to find the quiz called "Provincial/Territorial".  Click the "Start" button.  If you have been disconnected from the quiz for whatever reason, repeating the steps above and returning here will give you the option to resume the quiz from where you left off.

**Note: this quiz will only be available to the student that you have identified as your Level 2 School winner**

4. Students will have a 30 second time limit for each question.

Your student’s score will not be disclosed to you or them at any point. The national finalists will be selected based on their score on the provincial/territorial Challenge.

If your student is required to participate in a tie breaker round of questions, we will contact you by email by April 1, 2020.