National Final

When: The National Final will take place June 3-5, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario

Who are the participants: Twenty of Canada’s brightest geography students have been selected based on their scores in the Provincial/ Territorial Challenge. We selected the top scoring student from each province/territory in Canada, and the remaining contestants were selected based on their score, regardless of location. Here are our finalists:

  • Abraham, Aaron
  • Austin, Catie
  • Blakesley, Christopher
  • Cava, AJ
  • Chapman, William
  • Cogswell, James
  • Côté, Thomas Emmanuel
  • de Hoog, Joakim
  • Douglas, Jake
  • Fingerhut, Evan
  • Girum, Michael
  • Harder, Kaylin
  • Hickes, Sara
  • Munipalle, Aakash
  • O'Donnell, Holden
  • Pauls, Rhyanne
  • Sun, Qi Jia (Jerry)
  • Vargas, Philip
  • Woodward, Ben
  • Zhang, Jessie

How will the National Final be organized?

The National Championship will be comprised of three rounds.

1. The Preliminary Round will be a written test.

2. Round two will involve geographic field work.

Scores from rounds one and two will be used to determine the five student finalists who will participate in the third round. Scores for the top five students will be reset upon entering the final round. The scores from their first two rounds will not influence their score in the final round.

3. The final round will be open to the public and hosted in a game show-like format.

What language will the National Final be held in?

The National Championship will be held in both official languages of Canada. Students will have the option to compete in either English or French.

Can my class watch the National Final?

The first 2 rounds of the National Final are private and not open to the public. The third round will be open to the public. We will make a live steam available for anyone interested in supporting and following along. This link will be made available on the homepage closer to the National FInal date.