Frequently asked questions

1) Can I use my account from last year
A. Yes. If you participated in last year's challenge, simply log in using your same information. Make sure to edit and update your account information. You can create a new account and register your students here.

2) Do I have to have my students do the challenge online?
A. No, you can complete the Challenge either online or on paper. As we move forward with integrating more technology we are aware that not all schools have access to the same types of technology. Once you sign in you will see the option to either upload your students go the online portal or download PDFs of the questions and distribute paper copies.

3) I did the competition on paper, how do I register my classroom or school winner?
A. You need to first register your student online through the Quiz Launcher page. Once classroom winners are registered in your account you will be able to assign them to the School Level Questions by clicking on “Edit” next to their name on the Quiz Launcher page.

4) Can I have more than one student competing at the same time?
A. Yes. Sign into your account and access the quiz launcher page. Once there, you can have all students competing at the same time.

5) How do I administer the School challenge?
A. Once you have completed the Classroom competition with all of your classes you will be asked to identify each classroom’s winner through the quiz launcher. Once all classroom winners have been identified, you will be able to launch the school quiz for those students.

6) Can I do the Classroom Challenge online and the School Challenge on paper?
A. Yes. As always, you are able to administer the Can Geo Challenge in whatever way works best for you and your students.

7) How do I identify my school winner?
A. On your quiz launcher page you will be able to edit your students’ details by clicking on View. When you are on your student details page please click the box to identify them as your school winner.

8) When will my school winner receive their medal and certificate?
A. All medals will be mailed out to the address in your account in March. If you do not receive your medal by May 1, 2017, please contact us.

9) When will my and my school winner’s subscriptions begin?
A. You will receive the June 2017 issues of Canadian Geographic as your first issue of your one-year subscription.

10) How does the Provincial/Territorial Challenge work?
A. All Level 2 school champions are eligible to participate in the Provincial/Territorial Challenge. From March 6 to March 24, 2017 you will be able to access the Challenge through your account. Additional information will be added to the site closer to the date.

11) Is the National Final online or in-person?
A. The 2017 National Final will be held in Ottawa in June 2017. More details about the National Final will be posted on the website as they become available.

12) I don’t remember by password. How do I reset it?
A. You can reset your password here.

13) How do I register my students online?
A. Through the Quiz Launcher page, you can either upload students individually or by using the class list template.

14) While completing the Challenge online and my internet connection froze. What do I do?
A. Sign back into your account and try to launch the quiz again. The quiz should re-launch at the correct space. If it does not, or if the quiz froze in the middle of a round, contact us and we can re-set your student’s account.