About the Challenge

Canadian Geographic Education launched the Canadian Geographic Challenge, formerly the Great Canadian Geography Challenge, in 1995 as a way to get students interested in geography. Since then, the challenge has grown from 20 participating schools to more than 500, and has reached more than two million students across Canada.

Now in its 23rd year, the competition is continuously evolving, melding traditional learning styles with geographic literacy skills and new technology. The support of Google GeoEducation has meant the competition can continue to be accessible, relevant and engaging for all students.

The challenge is comprised of two levels to reach a wide age range.

Level 1 is open to students in grades 4-6. It focuses on developing fundamental geographic facts and skills and igniting passion in students’ early academic careers.

Students participate at the classroom and school level, finishing the competition by naming one School Champion. All School Champions receive a certificate, medal and one-year subscription to Canadian Geographic.

Level 2 encourages students in grades 7-10 to push the limits of their geographic knowledge and apply geographic thinking skills.

The competition begins in the classroom and progresses to name a School Champion. The School Champion is then invited to compete at the provincial/territorial level. 

Of the territorial/provincial winners, a total of 20 of Canada's best geography students will be invited to participate in the National Final in May 2018. More information about the National Final will be released later this year.

Level 2 School Champions receive a certificate, a medal and a one-year subscription to Canadian Geographic magazine. Provincial and territorial champions receive a prize package.